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I am doing faceups since several years now. I try to work as much as possible on realism, thus I developped some technics to give some skin texture to the resin.
I can now take a few commissions, but as my work for Dust of Dolls asks me a lot of time, and because I nee to like the doll to do a good job, I can decide to refuse some molds for personal tastes. That doesn’t mean I find your doll ugly, just it doesn’t fit me and my way to work.

Feel free to contact me through the contact form on the bottom of this page, explain me what you would like on what kind of doll!




I am working with water-based products that don’t risk to damage the resin, such as watercolors, pastels, watercolors inks, pearl powder, water-based varnish for glossing… I do not work with pencils, everything is made with brushes.
I protect the head before, during and after the painting work with layers of Citadel Purity Seal, because I find it more solid and transparent than the classical Mister Super Clear.




I am asking 80 euro for a faceup, no matter the size.

I don’t do body blushing, but I can consider some special projects (price will depend on the complexity).
As I can sometimes be a bit slow, because of many things, I am asking not to be paid until I finish the faceup.
Paypal fees and shipping fees are at the customer’s charge.
If you send me a head that needs to be cleaned, I’ll charge you 5 euro.
If you send me eyelashes to glue after the faceup, I’ll charge you 5 euro.
I don’t do modifications.




Here are some heads I would like to paint :

Elfdoll Sian & Soah
Mydolling (any of them)
Supiadolls (any of them)
DIM Lalia & Azelia
Any realistic mold, and/or with unique facial features.

I will not work on those dolls : Recast (any of them), Leeke dolls, pullips…








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